Canadian Food for Children Co-Workers, B. C. Division


Donated school supplies loaded on tables
School supplies are sorted and organized for packing

Every May, volunteers ask schools to allow us to collect discarded school supplies. Our public school students usually buy brand new every September, often discarding pens, rulers, unfinished notebooks, paper, school bags, crayons, felts, paint sets and brushes etc. School districts that need to discard old construction paper or newsprint, will find CFFC-BC a grateful recipient as this "new" paper is thankfully received in developing countries.

School supplies are packed in large boxes for shipping
Large boxes are packed with an assortment of school supplies

To donate school supplies, please check the list below

Father Max distributing school supplies from CFFC.
Distributing School Supplies from CFFC in India
New pencils from school supplies distributions.
New Pencils from CFFC
New scribblers from Canadian Food for Children.
New Scribblers from Canadian Food for Children
A CFFC-BC volunteer and her husband "spent 6 weeks in India with a Carmelite Order. [They] stayed at a Home for boys ages 13,14, and 15. These boys come from very poor families and stay at the Home for 3 years. They go to school and come back to the Home for free boarding. They were so grateful to receive the school supplies and the T-shirts." (Excerpt from email from A Carino)

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PERU: Lizabeth Mery writes with her new school supplies on a CFFC pail
PERU: Luz Aida writes with her CFFC school supplies
PHILIPPINES: boy checks out one of the books sent by "special request"
PHILIPPINES: happy young boy with his book from CFFC
PHILIPPINES: books collected by CFFC were sent after a "special request" for books
NICARAGUA: Two children with CFFC school supplies
PERU: children waiting for school supplies
HAITI: primary class receiving school supplies
HAITI: children with new school supplies
HAITI: Outdoor classroom - new school supplies being distributed
PHILIPPINES: boys check out donated books
PHILIPPINES: a one time request for school books was sent from CFFC
PHILIPPINES: supplies being distributed while moms look on
PHILIPPINES: classroom getting school supplies

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Please note: we DO NOT ACCEPT books unless specifically requested by a country, as happens occasionally. Please do not drop off books without checking first at:
Phone: 604-534-4544     Fax: 604-534-8959    EMAIL:


These are the items we are looking for.

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