Donations 2013 Year To Date:   $ 180,000

In 2012, the Milk Powder Project was initiated in response to Requests for Aid from several local registered charities in Haiti responsible for organizing the preparation and distribution food to orphanages, schools, tent camps and street kids. Incidents of extreme malnourishment and milk depravation are still being reported today.

Knowing that one glass of milk per day supplemented with a reasonable amount of food can provide an adequate amount of nutrients to sustain a child, we at CFFC urge you to support the milk program that we initiated.

Our goal is to raise enough money, to provide 1 glass of milk per day to the more than 20,0000 malnourished children living in poverty in Haiti. At $.10 per glass, we would need to raise approximately $730,000.

We received about $227,000 in donations in 2012 and of this, approximately $100,000 was used to provide two 16 KG shipments of milk to Haiti. This was enough to provide 2,300 children with 1 glass of milk per day for an entire year. Wherever we ship, we also send used school supplies, including sports equipment, clean, used hospital laundry for hospitals and orphanages and some miscellaneous hospital equipment and supplies.



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Central America

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  • Gautemala
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador

  • Nicaragua: CFFC sent a container to assist with Hurricane Felix relief efforts. The hurricane hit the border of Nicaragua and Honduras as Category 5 storm (winds of at least 250 kilometres/hour) in September 2007. A storm surge of 18 feet (5.5 meters) devastated low lying communities which is home to thousands of Miskito Indians. They depend on river canoes to navigate shallow rivers and lakes.  The food donated by CFFC was repackaged into smaller portions and delivered to isolated communities by means of these river canoes.

Eastern Europe

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South America

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